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KLG (Kanalbau & Lüftungsbedarf Gommern)

KLG (Kanalbau & Lüftungsbedarf Gommern) was founded in 1994 by Horst Schmidt and has ever since, been a family business based in Gommern near Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt/Central Germany. Today, the management is in the hands of Peer Schmidt, who took over the business from his father, together with his brother Sicco Schmidt. The company now has a team of around 20 employees.

From the very beginning, sheet metal ventilation ducts were built at the originally small production site. Through the further development of production and new machines, the manufacture of other ventilation components and special components were added over the years.

Our decades of practical experience in planning, assembly and maintenance give our customers the certainty of placing their project in good hands.

Today there are new requirements for climate and air quality in public facilities or private households: Besides heating, cooling and dehumidification, the air should also be reliably cleaned of pathogens. We are therefore increasingly focusing on contemporary air-conditioning and refrigeration technology for companies, schools and administrations or for private homes.

Our Company
Our Company

Our strengths

Short delivery times

Due to our location in Central Germany, guarantees short delivery times within Germany and Europe. But also overseas we can ship our production parts without any problems.


We always deliver solutions precisely tailored to customer requirements: Special components cut to size or individually matching ventilation concepts.

Reliable service provider

Precisely fitting solutions, adherence to schedules and short delivery times are just as much a matter to us as expert order processing. We want you to be able to rely on us.

High quality standards

We want to meet our own quality standards. This includes the production of high-grade materials in consistently high quality.

Maintenance and service

After purchase of individual moulded parts and their installation, we recommend regular maintenance of the installed parts in order to detect wear in good time and to be able to remedy it. This will save the operation of the equipment from expensive consequential damage.

Are you planning a ventilation system for your company or an air conditioning system for your house?



Whether ventilation components, complete plant construction or air conditioning and ventilation technology – we have a wide range of products, practical know-how and experienced employees, with whom we find solutions for your specific requirements. Competent, flexible and on schedule.



KLG Kanalbau- und Lüftungsbedarf Gommern GmbH
Industriepark 1 Str. D Nr. 2
D-39245 Gommern

Tel.: (+49) 039200 / 52020

Email: info@klg-gommern.de


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